Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Holiday rental of Melinda Cottage

Contract of Hire

Once the booking has been made the guest is obliged to make full payment of the accommodation cost either as one single payment or as a deposit and a balance,  – see Payments below. The contract shall be subject to the laws of England.   This forms a contract between you and the owner.

We reserve the right to amend and update the terms and conditions.

We do not accept  booking from parties of any description on this property as this is a residential area for young families.


When the guest requests a booking, it will be confirmed either by email or letter on receipt of deposit. A booking form will be sent to you for completion and signature, if not completed on the website. Please complete and return, as this forms a contract between you and the owner. The booking is not complete until this is returned

Any changes to the booking can be made at this point.


All payments must be made in pounds sterling. A deposit of not less than £100 is payable at the time of booking. The balance is payable 9 weeks prior to the holiday date. Where the booking is made within 9 weeks of the holiday date, full payment is required with booking.

Booking Alterations

We will charge an admin fee in respect of any alteration made to a booking. The amount of the fee will be confirmed according to the alteration made. The minimum fee will be £20.

If a date change is required, then the relevant weekly charge will be applicable and the contract amended accordingly.


Non-Availability of Property / Facilities / Amenities

Should the property become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, we will refund all monies paid (or a proportion in the event of curtailment). We reserve the right to alter or withdraw without prior notice facilities and/or amenities which have been advertised, where reasonably necessary due to repairs, maintenance or any other circumstances beyond their control.

Guest Cancellation

An admin fee of 5% of the total booking may be incurred with any cancellations.

If a guest needs to cancel a booking he/she must inform us immediately.  If the cancellation is less than 9 weeks prior to the holiday, then the following percentage contract cost scale will apply: –

Period before contract                                Percentage charge of contract to be paid.

63 to 42 days                                                            60%

41 to 20 days                                                            80%

19 or less days                                                     100%

A refund will only be given if the original dates can be resold. The deposit is non-returnable.

If the week is resold, the owner will refund the full amount minus the admin fee and any cost difference of the resale.

We suggest that you take out Holiday Travel Insurance when making a booking even when payment has been made in full.

We are not permitted to make any recommendations for a particular policy or insurance company, however the following link may help: –

www.which.co.uk/money/insurance/travel-insurance   or


Balance Payment

This shall be paid not later than 9 weeks before the booking is due to commence.  We reserve the right to re-let any holiday where any monies due are more than 7 days in arrears whereupon any monies paid by the Guest over and above the non-refundable Deposit will be refunded. However, if we are unable to re-let the holiday the Guest will remain liable for the outstanding balance of the cost of the holiday.

Covid19 Amendment

We require you complete the track and trace form that will be sent to you for completion 2 days prior to your arrival.  This is held for 21 days after your stay in line with government guidelines.

You must comply with Government guidelines of the time, regarding number of families or ‘bubbles’ allowed to stay in the property.

Prior to your stay

If any of the party is self-isolating they must not come to Melinda Cottage until their isolation period is complete.

If any member of the party has any of the signs and symptoms of COVID19, they must get a Covid19 test, and not come to Melinda Cottage unless they get a negative result.

Any loss of holiday due to self-isolation or illness must be claimed via your holiday insurance.

During your stay

In line with the Government guidelines, we ask if anyone in the party is feeling unwell with any of the signs or symptoms of COVID19, we ask they get a test done via the GOV.UK portal immediately.  If positive, they, and members of their accompanying party, must return home by private transport, and self isolate in accordance with the current government rules.

We would ask that you inform us, the cottage owners, so we can organise a sanitising team to come in before the next guests arrive.

Any delay in leaving the property will incur additional costs.  Any extension of stay would incur entire cost of any cancellations of following guests.

While we will refund you if lockdown travel restrictions prevent legal travel. We do not cover any loss of holiday due to self-isolation, or illness, or costs of prolonging your stay due to illness, is the liability of named person making the original booking (as per booking form).

We suggest travel/holiday insurance is taken out to cover these now predicted and insurable risks.

Arrival & Departure

The guest and his/her party may arrive not earlier than 4pm on the arrival day, and must depart not later than 10am on the departure day, unless specifically advised otherwise. Failure to adhere to these times can result in additional rental charges plus a fee for delayed or hindered access to the property by cleaners and caretakers.

Care of the Property / Breakage & Damage 

STRICTLY No parties are allowed during your stay. Excessive noise affecting the neighbours will not be tolerated. A £100 Damage/Security deposit is required with the final payment.  This will be returned at the end of your stay, if there are no damages.  Any unreported damage may be taken from this deposit. The guest is responsible for leaving the property clean and tidy and for any loss, breakage or damage. Any breakage or damage, however minor, must be reportedby the guest to us, or our appointed Caretaker, who can arrange repair/replacement before next booking. The guest will be responsible for the cost of any excessive cleaning that may be required.


Pets are accepted only where prior arrangements have been made, at time of booking and provided that they are not left unattended at any time, they are not allowed on the furniture, nor in the bedrooms and fouling in the grounds are must be removed before departure. Any pet(s) in the party must be declared at the time of booking, and there is an additional charge, for cleaning, if more than 2 pets are booked.

Security Deposit

A Security deposit (Damage waiver) will be requested before entry to the property.  Full details on payment will be provided.  Inspection is carried out pre and post arrival and any damage will be noted with photos.

Any damage to leather sofa (dog scratches/tears) will be charged at cost, and dog fouling charge is passed on from our gardener to us and then on to you.

Right of Entry

The guest must allow the owner, and/or his representative’s reasonable access to the property with notice to the guest.


We, the Owner, shall not be liable to the guest or any member of his/her party for any loss or damage to person or property arising from the letting.


The guest must take up any complaint immediately with the Owner (or his/her Caretaker) who must be afforded the opportunity to address the issue raised. The Owner regrets that they cannot take up a complaint after the Guest has vacated the property.


There is a CCTV camera overlooking the parking area at the front of the cottage.